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Yuri''s Night 22 Masks Off... IN SPACE!

Yuri”s Night 22: Masks Off… IN SPACE!

The Bluebird Reno

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Fuel cells? Check.
Protein pills? Check.
Space helmet? Uhhh… Oxygen mask? Errrr…
Discard the unnecessary as Reno blasts off once again to astral bodies unknown! This time, with a retro/ray gun/atom-punk/martini-swank style!
Every year, hundreds of parties go off on the same night all around the world and even on board actual space stations to celebrate the historic flight of the “first human in space”, Yuri Gagarin in 1961– that’s 61 years ago! It’s “masks-off / costumes-on” when beings arrive as aliens, space vixens, robots and assorted desert creatures to party the vacuum away… IN SPACE! Float through the zero gravity Astro-Lounge when doors open early at 8:00 PM. DJ’s, aerialists, giant neon puppets, laser lights and bubble machines, until everybody get’s blown out the airlock. Ages 21+ please. Masks optional.
We can’t wait to see you again, and your outrageous costume too… IN SPACE!
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