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URBody dance class with Jenes Carter and Yoü

The BlueBird 555 E. 4th Street

“Dance reduces anxiety, stimulates memories, activates the brain’s pleasure circuits, regulates mood, improves body image, and channels underlying feelings”

URBody’s mission is to help you feel more confident in YOUR own body by improving body image, and incorporating moves in a unique way to leave you feeling like you have activated awareness of a new part of your body and mind.

A short hour of collaboration to really lock in a move to enhance your experiences at the clubs, wedding receptions, birthday parties and more.

Build your confidence, and watch your individuality rise to the surface with Jenes as your spunky instructor, you will slowly be guided through moves and shuffles so you feel that you leave knowing something new.

Why go to a class where you learn nothing.

The environment is relaxed so come as you are, but be prepared to sweat.

Ambience includes New music to Ol’ School, Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, and RnB.

Come for one-on-one, help get your heart rate up, get your sweat on, develop your moves or just try something different.

Many feel that dancing is only about skill. They feel that there is a right way and wrong way to move. Dance is a beautiful art that is good for your body and comes in many forms.

Slowly defeat your chorophobia, and come closer to self expression.

Warning- some explicit material

Class is $10/event.

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