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The Bluebird Reno - The Deep Down w Roska & The Bureau of Hindsight

The Deep Down w/ Roska & The Bureau of Hindsight

The Bluebird Reno 555 E 4th St, Reno, Nevada 89512

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Roska Collective and The Bureau of Hindsight

House / Techno

Cover :
5$ :: Before 10pm
15$ :: 10pm – Close

In association with ::

Siren Society Productions
Code: Collective
The Official After party of :
A Night out in Reno *More info below*

About this event:

Shifting tides. Pooling midnight, gently lit by the sprawling glow of moonlight.

As you submerge into the cooling waters of the ocean deep, the silence basks in your presence. Not a sound can be heard, save for the calming ripples and the distant crash of water upon rock.

In spite of this calming serenity, there exists a duality. A deep, dark, bubbling entity shifting beneath the placid plane before you. Thundering bass disturbs its surroundings, emanating from the cavernous depths of the ocean floor. It’s melodic pull beckons you down, down, down into the abyss…

Welcome to The Deep Down: a one-night event, heavily themed around things that are dark, soothing, and underwater. Feel the call of the ocean pull you deep down beneath the waves, as you lose yourself in a world where transcendence can be found as easily as a raindrop in the sea. Let our exotic deep tech, deep house and techno beats embrace you and usher you towards nirvana. Our expert bar tending staff will be there to provide libations a plenty; but be weary, for if you imbibe too much upon the intoxicating liquor of the ocean depths, you will surely drown…


The Official After party of :

[N.O.I.R.] *Night Out In Reno*

Reno’s first Black Tie Creative event of its kind for 2020. This is the night you’ve all been waiting for. With a custom production of Reno’s greatest cirque performers giving you an elegant, yet tantalizing night at the Reno Ballroom, you will be immersed in games, entertainment, dance party’s, drink gardens, people watching, and more (beverages included with your ticket). The theme is Colors. A fashionable, and classy night among your peers. You are going to get spoiled in a modern day Gatsby party, that will leave you wondering if all that was real life, or just a dream. This is your night.

*100% of this events net proceeds will be donated to the performing arts of the evening, on March 28th. These nonprofits are: AcroEnso Social Development Program, Sierra Nevada Ballet, Ballroom of Reno, and Reno Dance Academy. Our original benefit was toward STEP2, but due to transparency issues they needed to be removed. Our team was able to collect almost $10,000 in raffle items with the help of the community for STEP2’s next event thankfully. If you would like to inquire further please send us an email to

Included in the night with the ticket:
On the main stage:
There will be rotating performances of Ballet, Tap, HipHop, Jazz, Latin, Cyr Wheel, Acrobatics, Fan show, Magic, and more.
Front of the room:
Large series of games from Foosball to air-hockey, virtual reality, circus circus games, and more (30+ games).
Entertainment: Stilt walkers, aerial acrobatics, magicians, silent disco with competing dj’s, caricaturist, glitter tattoos, colored braids, ice luge, and more.
Live art: A series of models will be vinyl tape and air-brushed. Food art will be made and given out, and more.
Your night might consist of a nice walk with your friends to get a drink while being able to stop and watch the aerial performances right above you. You will be able to veer off to play one of the many games with everyone while watching the performances on the stage from any part of the room. Maybe you will want to sneak away to the hidden dance cubicles during the silent disco, or marvel at models being taped and painted right in front of you. When the time calls to relax, you can sit down in the oasis and enjoy conversations and people watching. This all is only a teaser of what your night can, or might entail.

*Please see dress code on as it will be strictly enforced.

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