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Liquid Dimensions Present Prophet
May 29th Saturday night Liquid Dimensions Productions is hosting a private event at The Bluebird Reno.
This event is a birthday celebration and tickets will not be sold to the public. Invite only. The event will be livestreamed on with an hour and a half blackout for Prophet’s set.
Skudd – 230am
(Liquid Dimensions b2b Lerp)
Peej – 130am
(Liquid Dimensions)
Prophet -12am
(Liquid Dimensions)
DiCeMaN – 11pm
(Liquid Dimensions)
FLAMA – 10pm
RLZ – 9pm
€RN¢ – 8pm
Visual Artists
-Liquid Dimensions
-Brand Photos
Live Painters
-Claire Pace
-Pearly Sweetcake
Special vendors
-Divine Lucidity
-Moon Goddess Jewelry
-Third Eye Fly
Special Guest
-Kneaded Vibes
Special Preformer
-Luna Sol
Doors will open at 7:30pm
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