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The Bluebird Reno NV 420 Extravaganza

Greenbird 420 Extravaganza: CBD Lounge Grand Opening

Reno, NV 555 E. 4th St. Reno, NV 89512

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Come celebrate 420 with us at the Bluebird and see the unveiling of our new CBD lounge opening to the public that day!
We have gift bags with the purchase of every ticket and a free 1 month membership with the purchase of any All Day Pass!
We have Plenty in store:
3:30 – Stoned Yoga with Luna
4:30 – Stoned Yoga with Luna
5:30 – Pizza Party/ Stoner Movie Time
6:30 – Stoner Trivia $ Giveaway games
8pm – 12am:
The Herbalist
Strict COVID precautions in place with extremely limited capacity. DO NOT ARRIVE WITHOUT A MASK. PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR TEMPRATURE SCANNED AT THE DOOR.
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