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The Bluebird Reno Bass Music Saturday Game Genies Birthday Party Future Strange 8 Year Anniversary 2021 Reno NV
Bass Music, this and every Saturday at the Bluebird Reno!
Future Strange is celebrating their 8yr Anniversary along with Game Genies birthday!
Game Genie
Bad Influence
Indiana Ohmz
Come see the new stage build by collaboration with our in-house crew including LERP and Code Collective as well as hear the new Meyer Sound Labs system.
Strict COVID precautions in place with extremely limited capacity. DO NOT ARRIVE WITHOUT A MASK. PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR TEMPRATURE SCANNED AT THE DOOR.
$15 Reservation.
Doors at 830pm.
Also streaming free online at:
Stream Brought to you by Studio DTN
555 E. 4th st. Reno, Nevada
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