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BAD Productions Presents Carbin and Jaykode

BAD Productions Presents: Carbin and Jaykode

The BlueBird Nightclub 555 East 4th Street Reno, NV 89512 United States

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JayKode :
Los Angeles-based producer Joey Khodanian, better known as JayKode, started his musical journey at age 7 when he began playing classical piano. By age 15, he had immersed himself with guitar while experimenting heavily with metal and hardcore, demonstrating his commitment to developing a well-rounded knowledge of music composition. Building on this foundation, he started to explore both hip-hop and electronic productions and fused his knowledge of both traditional and experimental music genres. JayKode’s passion for strong compositions and melodies stems from his classical training, a rarity among today’s electronic music producers.

Armed with an eclectic repertoire of originals, remixes, and bootlegs, JayKode has cultivated a rapidly growing fan base in dance music. Pioneering the genre he calls “Classical Bass,” a tribute to his musical roots, he effortlessly blends melody-driven compositions with aggressive basslines and production techniques to push the tonal boundaries of electronic music. Now with characteristic sounds rooted in future bass, trap, and hip-hop, JayKode readily brings a unique set to every stage, spinning a wide variety of genres, from bass music to electro-house, twerk, moombahton, and even oldies, ensuring no two JayKode sets tell the same story.

Carbin :
American producer McKenzie Morrow, known around the world as Carbin exploded onto the scene with a flurry of high quality releases, quickly gathering support from bass music legends such as Bassnectar, Snails, Datsik, Adventure Club and Excision. With a repertoire of original releases and official remixes under his belt and many more scheduled to be released in 2019, Carbin is sure to grace the bass music scene for years to come. YourEDM, and many others support him – find out why!

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For the locals, by the locals.

*** Party theme and meet and greet details coming soon***

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